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Alternatives to LASIK?
Written By: | March 24, 2009

Many patients don’t realize that there are alternatives to LASIK surgery. LASIK works well for low to moderate degrees of nearsighted, but there are alternatives when treating very high prescriptions. One of these is the Visian ICL, which is like an intraocular contact lens that never needs cleaning. Visit our website to obtain more information or call to see if you are a candidate for this new technology.

Spring is coming and with spring comes allergies. Contact lenses can act like a sponge and absorb pollen. That is one reason why many patients with allergies consider LASIK surgery or Visian ICL.

If you do wear contact lenses, wear them safely. Overnight use of a contact lens increases the risk of an eye infection. Smoking compounds this further. Do not wear contact lenses in a swimming pool or shower. Always disinfect your lenses and periodically get a fresh lens case. Follow the recommended schedule for contact lens replacement.

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