Seeing Eye To Eye

Help for Keratoconus – a true case story.
Written By: | March 25, 2011

William is a very intelligent and pleasant 34-year-old gentleman.  He has had known keratoconus since 2006.  The keratoconus was more severe in his right eye.  With glasses his best vision was 20/150 in his right eye and was 20/25 in his left eye.  Keratoconus interfered with his life.  Images were multiple, distorted and blurred.  His work suffered because he had difficulty using the computer and reading.  He experienced glare and haloes around lights which made it difficult to drive both at night and in bright sunlight.  William tried multiple contact lenses to manage his keratoconus.  And although he could see reasonably well with contact lenses, they became intolerable after 4 to 5 hours.

Intacs corneal implants were recommended for William to restore his visual function.  Intacs are micro thin.  They work by flattening the steep part of the cornea resulting in improved vision and reduced vision distortions.  Prior to Intacs, the steepest part of his cornea was 9.25 diopters in his right eye.  Following Intacs, the steepest part of his cornea was 5.25 diopters and his vision improved from 20/150 to 20/30!  Lastly, he was fit with a custom scleral contact lens to fine tune the vision in his right eye.  He comfortably wears the scleral lens all day long and has the best vision that he can remember.  Although William still has keratoconus, it is no longer a source of stress and no longer interferes with driving or work.  Best of all, he is able to clearly see his new baby girl!


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Hybrid Contact Lenses-The Best of Both Worlds
Written By: | March 11, 2011

Everyone has heard of a hybrid car, but have you heard of a hybrid contact lens? Most people have seen either a soft contact lens or a gas permeable (RGP) contact lens, but most have never seen a hybrid contact lens. Both soft and RGP lenses have pros and cons, and hybrid lenses are the latest technology that allows you to have the best attributes of both types of lenses.  RGP lenses provide the most crisp, clear vision possible by masking any irregularities in the cornea, the clear front surface of the eye. However, some people are unable to adapt to the way the lenses feel. Soft lenses provide wonderful comfort, but do not always provide the sharpest vision possible. Hybrid lenses are a perfect combination of the two—an RGP center to provide crisp, clear vision, with a soft “skirt,” to provide the comfort of a soft lens. Never before have we had to ability to provide such high definition vision with an amazingly comfortable lens!

Do you wear bifocals? There is a hybrid lens for you too! RGP bifocals provide wonderful vision at distance, near, and for computer distance, but are dependent on the lens centering perfectly on the eye. The soft skirt of the hybrid bifocal ensures that the lens stays perfectly centered for increased clarity and stability at all distances. Imagine not having to constantly reach for your readers. Your contact lenses can provide you with great vision at all distances!

Pepose Vision Institute strives to provide the latest technology to grant the best possible vision for our patients, which is why we are happy to announce this wonderful contact lens technology in our office. If you are ready to see how vivid the world can really look, it might be time to try a hybrid lens. The only downfall—it won’t get you more miles per gallon.

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