Why Annual Eye Health Exams Are Always a Good Idea

Written By: | February 2012

Good vision does not necessarily mean good eye health. I recently saw a patient for a routine eye exam. He was a healthy guy in his 40’s that had LASIK a few years back by Dr. Pepose. Vision was great and he was very happy with it. The exam was unremarkable until I looked at his fundus thru a dilated pupil. What I saw on his retina was a Hollenhorst Plaque, which is a cholesterol embolus that breaks loose from the carotid artery, which is located on the sides of our neck. This emboli lodges in the small vessels of our retina. A quick referral to his primary doctor and a carotid ultrasound confirmed the cholesterol deposits within the vessel walls. Proper medication, diet and exercise have greatly reduced his risk of stroke which may have gone undetected until there was a serious event. The moral of the story is to take the time once a year for an annual eye health exam, even if your vision seems fine.

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  • http://www.cme-internalmedicine.com/ Susan Fisher

    Annual eye health exams is really a good idea, we should spend for our health, our eyes are very vital especially if we are working and we cannot appreciate every little things in this world without our eyes.