Midwest Vision Research Foundation

Founded by Dr. Jay S. Pepose as an independent philanthropic offshoot of Pepose Vision Institute, the Midwest Vision Research Foundation has the mission to fund and administer clinical studies that advance the preservation and restoration of sight.

What is a clinical study?

A clinical study is a research “trial” that assesses the effectiveness of new eye treatment options. It requires patient participation, and is subject to the strictest ethical and scientific guideline, as well as on-going independent oversight, to protect the well-being of patients. Clinical studies are just one component of a broader research process that is often years in the making. These studies test the safety and effectiveness of new or modified surgical procedures, diagnostic instruments, drug therapies and medical devices. They are a vital step toward expanding and improving the treatments available for a variety of vision-compromising conditions, some of which are currently untreatable.

In the United States, clinical studies require written protocols that specify the purpose, design, and way in which the study will be conducted. The protocol, written by the sponsor of the study, also provides guidelines for patient participation and the review and reporting of patients’ clinical findings.

We strive to remain at the forefront of the vision industry and provide our patients with compassionate and customized care.

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