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Clinical Research Trials

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The Pepose Vision Institute, with the support of its Midwest Vision Research Foundation, operates one of the most influential ophthalmologic research facilities in the country. It has played a key role in FDA-approved clinical studies leading to the introduction of such groundbreaking technologies as LASIK Vision Correction, Crystalens for cataracts and more.

Clinical Studies are at the heart of all medical advances, and with our Primary Investigators, Dr. Jay Pepose, Dr. Mujtaba Qazi, Dr. Nancy Holekamp and Dr. Jonathan Crews, we are proud to offer these new ways to prevent, detect, slow the progress of, or otherwise treat vision problems.

Our clinical studies run the gamut from new drugs or combinations of drugs, to new surgical procedures or devices, to new ways to use existing treatments. Our studies offer advanced vision treatments before they are available to the general public. They allow you to help us find better treatments for all of us, for our children, and for our children’s children. We have many new studies, as well as studies that are ongoing but closed to new enrollment. 

What are clinical studies?

Clinical studies are research studies used for FDA-approved procedures and products, such as LASIK and Crystalens, or studies performed for FDA approval. Most studies require a longer patient time commitment to effectively measure the progress. In exchange for this time commitment, patients are often offered these procedures and/or products at a reduced price. Our clinical studies not only play an important role in the development of important vision advances, but are also an ideal opportunity for patients to receive the best and latest vision correction possible at a reduced cost.

“Bringing tomorrow’s technologies to our patients today.”

How can you participate?

Our clinical studies often offer patients access to the latest technologies, and when there is a cost, also often offer discounted services and possible compensation for your time. All clinical studies are conducted at Pepose Vision Institute under the guidance of Dr. Jay Pepose.

Take a look at our current studies listed below.  If you find a study you are interested in, here’s how you can learn more and possibly participate:

  • To get started, contact us by completing our Clinical Studies Application or call us at 636-534-5126.
  • Your information will then be reviewed to see if you pre-qualify for one of our studies. Upon reviewal, we will contact you to schedule a consultation.
  • At your initial consultation, we will perform a series of eye tests and measurements, review your information and ask additional questions.
  • Based on the results of your consultation, if you qualify for a study we will explain the study in further detail and answer any questions – including the exact procedure, commitments, and costs or compensation.
  • Should you find a study of interest, we will schedule your procedure and follow up visits.

Current studies

We have conducted and continue to conduct clinical studies in LASIK vision correction, cataract removal, age-related macular degeneration and other retinal services, dry eye treatment and more. We are continually evaluating research opportunities for new advanced eye treatments under review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are adding new studies on a regular basis.


“I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest was a bit scared, but Dr. Pepose and his staff made me feel comfortable the entire time. They explained things in detail (over and over since I really wanted to understand) and had so much patience. I couldn’t be happier with my vision.” 


“I wanted to get Lasik but didn’t think I could afford a high quality surgeon. After learning about the study I not only was able to get my surgery at a bit of a discount, but even better I got a new type of Lasik that no one else would be able to get for at least another year or two. My eye sight is still great.”


“I had to do something about my cataracts. When they explained Crystalens to me I was amazed – no more glasses! The entire process went great – I did have a couple more exams than I think normal cataract patients have but it was so worth it. And I played a part in making Crystalens available to the world.”


Come see us for all your vision needs

If you are interested in learning more about our studies, have any vision issues or haven’t had a general eye exam in a while, please come see us. Our experienced doctors will use advanced diagnostics to determine exactly how to best help you see your very best, patiently answer your questions and carefully explain all your options.

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