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General Eye Care

At Pepose Vision, we’re as concerned with treating vision issues as with preventing them. That’s why we recommend routine eye exams.

Our experienced eye doctors, using the latest technology, will thoroughly examine your eyes, not only helping you attain the best vision possible but also watching for signs of possible eye disease.

We recommend those with stable vision and no eye disease have a general eye exam every two years and every year once you turn 50.

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What happens at my eye exam?

Our doctors will provide you with a very thorough eye exam.  During the eye exam, your eyes may be dilated so we can see into your retina.  We’ll  then check your vision and screen you for eye diseases or disorders. If further testing is required a more comprehensive exam and testing will be scheduled.

We promise to work hard to make your appointment as convenient for you as possible, including respecting your time and starting at the scheduled time.

If you’re going to have a regular eye exam – which we recommend you do on a regular basis – it make sense to have that exam with highly experienced doctors that are also part of a vision center that can treat any eye issue you could possibly have.

Pepose Vision accepts most major vision insurance plans.

Eye Exams with OPTOS Optomap Imaging

Pepose Vision is now proud to offer Optos Optomap imaging as an alternative option to dilation for most routine eye exams. The Optomap exam is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that allows our team of specialists to capture high-resolution digital imaging of the back of the eye, all without dilation. 

This method is quick, easy, and provides rapid diagnostics that are immediately ready for review by your Doctor. If you have avoided getting the eye care you need to preserve your vision because you don’t like the effects of dilation, Optomap may be the solution for you. Call today for your annual vision eye care appointment! 

Why choose Pepose Vision for your eye examination?

The doctors at Pepose Vision Institute are highly experienced and have been recognized among the best in the country.  They are supported with the latest technology and a quality technical staff. Further, we have on-site a broad range of surgical expertise should you have the need.

What’s your next step?

If you haven’t had an eye exam in a couple years, or think you might have any vision issue, please come see us. Our experienced doctors will use advanced diagnostics to determine exactly how to help you see your very best, patiently answer your questions and carefully explain all your options.

We always provide our patients with compassionate and customized care.

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