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Patient Testimonials

Yes, we have very experienced doctors and technicians, and the latest technologies so that we are able to help our patients with almost any vision issue. And yes, every year, our doctors receive such prestigious national awards as Top Doctor and Best Doctor. But what’s most important to us is the positive experience and great results we are able to provide our patients. Who better to discuss that than some of our actual patients?

“My experience with Dr. Pepose was everything my friends told me to expect.  He patiently answered my endless questions and made what I had always thought would be a scary process actually totally easy.  Just like he promised, my vision was way better right after he finished.  Thank you, thank you.”

“Dr. Qazi successfully performed my surgery that has given me perfect vision both near and far!! Dr. Qazi, and the staff at Pepose Vision Institute are a true testimony of the Hippocratic Oath. They uphold the highest level of ethical practices. I was treated with compassion and professionalism…Thank You again Dr. Qazi!!! I look forward to visiting with my Grandchildren tonight and being able to see their beautiful faces! If the “eyes are the window to the soul,” how grateful I am to see back at them!”

Jeannie Baumgartner

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I just wanted to let you know how much we still appreciate the fabulous work you did for Adam and I. Adam is a Sr. and will graduate May 19. He is #18 out of 350ish. He will attend the Univ. of Missouri and enter the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Scholars program. After finishing sixty hours he can enter vet school. He’s also very active in FFA. Without the surgery you did I don’t know that any of this would have been possible! He would still be the same young man but achieving the goals he sets for himself would have been a lot harder if he couldn’t drive and see as well as he does. Again thank you and may God shine His blessings down on you and yours.

Gratefully, Marsha Birk

Thank you for the care, expert medical treatment, and concern you have provided me. Without your medical intervention, I would not have experienced the greatest joy of my life – seeing the face of my grandbaby. Kalynn Erin and my family thank you too!

Renee M

I just wanted to take this moment to thank Dr. Holekamp sincerely for my Vitrectomy surgery success, locating the problems with the retina in that eye as well, the healing process and follow-up guidance. In addition, for the findings today of the other eye’s retina tears and I Iook forward to Thursday when I get through the in-office procedure to remedy as well.Dr. Holekamp and her associate, Lisa, have been wonderful to me and make me feel safe in their hands. I am very happy that I trusted your opinion Dr. Pepose, and waited to see Dr. Holekamp. I am very, very pleased and just wanted to share that with you today.Also, I cannot say enough about the team in your surgery center as I had the Vitrectomy. The nurses and the anesthesiologist were so good to me and likewise, made the experience more comfortable than I imagined could be.As you know, the best advertisement is a good recommendation and I have been doing that to friends. I highly recommend the Pepose Vision Institute.

Sincerely, Cindy Z

When I met with Dr. Holekamp, I was blind in my right eye. I did not know what was happening to me and was very concerned. Dr. Holekamp was able to provide an exact diagnosis on my initial visit – a detached retina – and perform mmediate surgery to save vision for my eye. Also, during my initial visit , Dr. Holekamp discovered that my left eye was starting to detach from the retina. She performed a Cryo procedure, at my initial visit, to eliminate my left eye from having a detached retina and blindness.I owe my eyesight to Dr. Holekamp and her dedicated and professional team at Pepose Vision Institute.Thank you Dr. Holekamp!

Chuck H

We always provide our patients with compassionate and customized care.

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If you have an eye condition, your vision just isn’t what it used to be or you haven’t had an eye exam in more than a year, please come see us. Our experienced doctors will use advanced diagnostics to determine exactly how to help you see your very best, patiently answer your questions and carefully explain all your options.

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