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Vision Correction

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At Pepose Vision Institute, we make the time to listen to our patients so we can understand each patient’s lifestyle and visual needs. 

We also take the time to assess each patient’s ocular characteristics, generating hundreds of thousands of data points to ensure accuracy, precision and predictability of outcome. This intensive examination may uncover conditions that have not been previously discovered, thanks to our advanced diagnostics and our interpretive skills. 

By carefully listening and measuring, we can achieve a customized solution that results in extremely happy patients and the best vision correction outcomes in the country. 

We know that each patient is unique. So, unlike most eye care providers, we offer a broad spectrum of vision correction procedures, all safe, effective and FDA-approved. Whether you can’t see near or far, have trouble performing close-up tasks,  suffer from astigmatism or blurry vision, you can trust us to deliver the very best vision outcome possible. We are recognized locally and nationally, year after year, for our expertise and experience in all FDA-approved vision correction options.

For some patients this may mean LASIK vision correction surgery; for others, the best option may be a trifocal or extended depth of focus lens implant. Still others may benefit most from an intraocular lens whose power is adjusted postoperatively and non-invasively using a light delivery device; and for some, a specialty contact lens may be better than surgery. Highly near-sighted patients with or without astigmatism may attain their preferred vision outcome through a surgically-implanted permanent contact lens. 

Our eye surgeons are with you each and every step of your journey to clear vision – from pre-operative exam to post-operative visits. And, we are available 24/7 should you experience any concerns whatsoever!

When choosing your vision correction provider, look to experience and breadth of options. We know that the best patient is an educated patient.

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