Dr. Pepose will be in London to present at the ISOP - Pepose Vision Institute

Dr. Pepose will be in London to present at the ISOP

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in Pepose Info on September 11, 2014

Dr. Pepose will be in London on the 12th of September as a Member of the Program Faculty and Invited Speaker at The International Society of Presbyopia’s 6th conference. He is one of just 48 Program Faculty participants, with only 17 from the USA.

The International Society of Presbyopia (ISOP) provides an International forum for the promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration between ophthalmologists, scientists, optometrists and industry leaders who deal with the explanation of presbyopia and treatment options.

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The Society is a community of eye care professionals with similar interests, fulfilling an important role in the advancement, education, training, and quality of clinical applications in the fields of biophysics of accommodation, aberrations of the optical system and improved correction of presbyopia: contact lenses, spectacles, refractive surgery and implants.

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