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Eye Makeup Safety Tips

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in Eye Care on December 21, 2015

Keep Your Eyes Safe and Beautiful
Eye injuries and infections from using makeup improperly happen all too often. Department store and drugstore makeup aisles are filled with a tempting array of makeup colors and products for the eyes. But knowing how to apply and remove eye makeup properly will not only make your eyes beautiful, like those of the models on the runway, but will protect your vision as well. We want to remind the public to use eye makeup safely when creating those amazing looks.

Remember that makeup expires. Eye makeup should be thrown away three months after it is purchased but immediately if you develop an eye infection when you are using it.

If you have a history of being sensitive to new products, try introducing only one product at a time. If there is no reaction, add another new product. Adding too many products at once makes it difficult to pinpoint which one is causing the reaction. If you notice that you are sensitive to a specific product, find out what the ingredients are and bring that to your doctor’s attention.

Applying Makeup
When applying makeup, be sure your face and eyelids are very clean before you begin. To prevent poking yourself in the eye with an applicator, never apply makeup while you are in a moving vehicle.

If you tend to have dry eyes, makeup that flakes and gets into the tear film can increase irritation. If particles get between the contact lens and corneal surface, they can scratch the cornea and may lead to infection. Occasionally a corneal abrasion can become infected, leading to a potentially blinding corneal ulcer.

Removing Makeup
At night, remove all eye makeup, especially mascara that can stick to the lashes. Use a clean cotton swab to brush along the base of the eyelashes to get the last resistant debris of eye makeup off. If you use an eye makeup remover, be sure not to get any in your eye. When you are done, rinse the remover off your eyelids completely to avoid possible irritation of the eye or lids.

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