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Healthy eyes during pregnancy

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in Interesting Info on February 18, 2015

Eyes may change somewhat during pregnancy due to fluid retention, increased blood volume, hormonal fluctuations and other physical shifts that are part of pregnancy. Usually these changes are temporary and resolve after the baby is born, or after weaning a breast-fed child. Vision changes tend to be minor and don’t require a new eyeglass prescription. LASIK surgery should not be done when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.

What to Look For
A condition known as dry eye may result from hormonal fluctuations. Talk to us about lubricating drops and other treatments that are safe during pregnancy. Wearing contact lenses may be less comfortable when dry eye is present. Eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EFA), such as salmon, flax seeds and walnuts, may help resolve dry eye and also supports general good health.

If vision becomes very blurry, it may signal high blood pressure or pregnancy-related diabetes. Please contact us right away,

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