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Bothered by Glare or Blurry Vision? Redesign Your Vision!

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in Cataracts on December 2, 2020

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Are you getting ready to have cataract surgery? The intraocular lens you choose is one of the most important parts of the process.

Opting for a premium IOL can restore the vision that was stolen by having cataracts. In fact, choosing the right premium IOL can provide you with the best vision of your life.

The Light Adjustable Lens is a premium IOL that allows you to redesign your vision. Keep reading to learn how!

The Light Adjustable Lens

light adjustable lenses

The Light Adjustable Lens is a game-changer when it comes to premium lens implants. It’s the only one of its kind, and it can provide you with the best vision you’ve ever had.

Even before you had cataracts, was your vision always 20/20? The Light Adjustable Lens could finally give you the ability to see with clarity and definition that you never thought was possible!

For most patients, that means no more glasses or contact lenses. Its light adjustability allows you to customize your vision. This is done through a series of UV light treatments after having cataract surgery.

How Does the Light Adjustable Lens Work?

Like any other lens, you have the Light Adjustable Lens implanted during cataract surgery. This is the artificial lens that replaces your natural lens that grew cloudy because of cataracts.

After your cataract surgery, you return to your eye doctor for a series of light treatments. These light treatments deliver your permanent vision prescription.

Each light treatment takes no more than 90 seconds and is spaced out 3-4 days apart. For best results, you should count on 2 – 4 light treatments. This takes place over the course of a few weeks after your surgery.

Before undergoing light treatments, you will be able to preview different light prescriptions. This customizes your vision by allowing the doctor to incorporate the prescription you like best into the lens implant via the light adjustment process, which changes the shape and power of the lens implant over the next 48 hours.

Different lifestyles require different vision requirements. The Light Adjustable Lens ensures that your vision is optimized for your individual lifestyle.

Photosensitive Material

The Light Adjustable Lens is constructed from specially designed photosensitive material that adjusts through a reaction to UV light. This is how the lens gets customized to your eye and your individual visual needs.

Your eye doctor will administer a series of non-invasive UV light treatments. These treatments are non-invasively delivered using a Light Delivery Device (LDD) in the office.

This will change the shape and power of your lens and is how your doctor dials in your prescription.

You will receive one final treatment after achieving your optimal prescription. This last treatment locks the lens permanently, allowing you to have perfect vision for the rest of your life.

Eye Protection During Light Treatment Period

You will need to protect your eyes during your light treatment period. This is after your surgery and before your prescription has been delivered.

You will need to wear UV protective eyeglasses at all times during this period. You will be given a clear pair for indoor use and a tinted pair for outdoor use.

These will protect your eyes from indoor and outdoor UV light. Your lens will be hypersensitive to UV light during this time.

These glasses protect your lens from uncontrolled changes. It is important that you wear your glasses at all times.

The only exception is when you’re sleeping, showering, washing your face, or putting in eye drops. You can take off your UV glasses twenty-four hours after your last light treatment.

Is the Light Adjustable Lens Right for Me?

The Light Adjustable Lens is FDA approved and is best suited for patients who are seeking the most precise vision outcome possible, as astigmatism as well as nearsighted and farsightedness can be adjusted, as well as different degrees of monovision.

Patients may not be eligible due to prescribed medications that can harm the retina or sensitize to UV. You may not be a candidate if you have a history of certain eye infections. Lifestyles that can’t follow wearing UV glasses can also rule out your candidacy.

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