Be careful: False eyelashes can be dangerous. Instead, consider Latisse. - Pepose Vision Institute

Be careful: False eyelashes can be dangerous. Instead, consider Latisse.

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, Eye Care on March 16, 2015

A popular beauty treatment has many rushing to the beauty shop. We’re talking about false eyelashes.

However, the small procedure can cause big problems if you’re not careful. Lash extensions is a beauty trend that’s growing by the day. And for some ladies it’s a permanent part of their beauty routine. Celebrities like Katy Perry and the Kardashians even have their own brand of lashes!

The cost can range from $5 for strips to $300 for the fancy stuff like mink. The choice is yours. But that choice can have consequences if you’re not careful. If you decide to get lashes, be sure to ask the right questions to save yourself a lot of time and trouble down line. We highly recommend you talk with an eye doctor. Our doctors are very experienced with Latisse and can help you make a smart decision.

Why see a doctor when you can buy extensions at the beauty shop? With the rise in false lash use we are seeing more and more patients with eye problems caused by the lashes. False lashes can cause eye irritation, blurry vision, eye infections or worse. You can have permanent loss of lashes and more. In some cases the healing process can take a lot more than an antibiotic and eye drops.

A better option may be with the use of LATISSE®. LATISSE® is a prescription for individuals with healthy eye lids for treatment of hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes) which grows eyelashes longer, fuller and darker. The first step is to have an eye health assessment to evaluate your lashes, lid margins and tear quality. Lashes go thru a 6-8 week growth cycle. LATISSE® is applied one time at night to the lid margin just above the lash line for 8-16 weeks. At that point the lashes will have reached their peak affect and you can move to a maintenance regimen by applying the LATISSE® every other or every third night. If you stop the use of LATISSE® your lashes will return to their normal look in 6-8 weeks.

The bottom line is to be careful what you put in and around your eyes. If you are interested in learning more, please come see us.

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