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Should I Use Eye Drops for Contact Lens Pain?

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in Contacts on March 22, 2016

Some contact lens wearers experience eye pain after removal for a variety of reasons but most commonly due to a lack of oxygen through the lens, dryness, or from an inappropriate fit.  If you’re experiencing pain please come see us so we can evaluate your eyes both when the contact lenses are in and out to see if the lenses are the cause of your pain. We may suggest changing the type of contact lens, the fit, or wearing schedule.

Addressing the underlying cause is the best way to treat contact lens related pain rather than with eye drops that hide the pain. However, if your eyes feel irritated, you can consider using artificial tears as a way to soothe your eyes. If you find the pain continues for more than just a few days please schedule an appointment and come see us.

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