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LASIK Experience

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in LASIK, Pepose Info on August 29, 2017

We often talk about how important experience is for your doctor. This certainly true with LASIK Vision Correction. Way too many doctors have come and gone, often leaving behind unsatisfied patients. We write about this today because we had a patient that reminded us of how long – and how experienced – Dr. Pepose is as a LASIK surgeon.

David Dorr, who spent 35 years as a leading writer at The Post Dispatch, came in for a regular exam. He then posed in front of an article he had written for The Post Dispatch in 1999 about Dr. Pepose introducing LASIK to the St. Louis market.

It was great to see David, and to be reminded of just how many years Dr. Pepose has been the leading LASIK surgeon in St. Louis, and also throughout the entire nation. If you or anyone you know is interested in LASIK, be sure to remember how critical a role experience plays in safely achieving the best results.


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