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There’s still time to use your HSA or FSA account for LASIK or Advanced Cataract Surgery.

Don’t forget … Although for the tax year 2019, the IRS announced new contribution limits for both the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and the Health Savings Accounts (HSA), these accounts may still be used for life-improving procedures such as LASIK and Advanced Cataract Surgery. Take advantage of this opportunity to see better than you have […]

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This is a great time for LASIK

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in LASIK on October 9, 2019

LASIK Vision Correction is a great way to eliminate the need to wear glasses or contacts to see at a distance. If you are active (or even tired of the hassles when watching a movie, tv or event) you’ll really appreciate the convenience. We’ve had prospective patients tell us they are afraid of having the […]

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Been thinking about LASIK?

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in LASIK on January 11, 2019

If you’re tired of hassling with your glasses and/or contacts, make this the year you finally get LASIK. Come see us for a free consultation and learn everything you need to know about LASIK. We’ll also test your eyes to make sure LASIK is right for you. Pepose Vision was the very first to offer LASIK in St. […]

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Why Excellent Vision Matters for Winter Athletes

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in LASIK on March 20, 2018

For winter sports athletes with Olympic-sized dreams, it’s easy to see why competitive athletes choose vision correction procedures to boost their competitive edge. However, athletes – especially those training in sports such as hockey, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and more – need more than talent to perform: they have to move fast, efficiently, and with confidence […]

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LASIK Experience

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in LASIK, Pepose Info on August 29, 2017

We often talk about how important experience is for your doctor. This certainly true with LASIK Vision Correction. Way too many doctors have come and gone, often leaving behind unsatisfied patients. We write about this today because we had a patient that reminded us of how long – and how experienced – Dr. Pepose is […]

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If you had LASIK surgery over 15 years ago, and your vision is starting to get worse, can you have it done again?

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in LASIK on June 20, 2017

It depends. If you have enough thickness left in the cornea, mostly likely, yes. Also, this assumes no other problem like cataracts is causing the change in vision. We have the most experienced LASIK doctor in town and the latest technology to diagnose what is best to improve your vision – whether LASIK again or […]

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