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Lifelong Vision Foundation has partnered with The Wyman Center and College Bound  to provide eye health education, career path advice, vision testing, and eyeglasses for youth. This year, Lifelong Vision Foundation and Pepose Vision will support 25 youth from each program with an additional 25 added from each organization for the following three years. “We are excited to provide College Bound and Wyman Center youth with vision exams and glasses, and to provide follow-up visits as needed for an additional three years,” said Marilyn Spirt, Executive Director of Lifelong Vision Foundation.
Beginning in the spring of 2013, Wyman and College Bound will bring teens to Pepose Vision Institute where Lifelong Vision Foundation staff and volunteers will welcome them, assist with initial paperwork, and attend their vision exams. Pepose Vision Institute physicians will complete the vision exams and familiarize the teens on career options in the field of vision: technicians, researchers, optometrists, ophthalmologists, medical administrators etc.
This is a great opportunity and partnership that seeks to provide clear vision and care to under-resourced youth to improve their ability to succeed academically, socially, and economically.  “I am confident that the teens can benefit in multiple ways, from good eye health to seeing first hand new and exciting possibilities for career opportunities,” added Dave Hilliard, president and CEO of Wyman Center

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