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Protective Goggles

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in Eye Care on January 18, 2014

A note from Dr. Qazi:

I was happy to see that my friends who I was playing racquetball with yesterday were wearing eye protection.  I have seen several patients over the past month with serious eye injuries that could have been easily avoided.  Most eye injuries result from sporting accidents and “low risk” household chores.  Each year there are 2.5 million eye injuries nationwide, with about 50,000 people suffering some degree of permanent vision loss.  While we cannot eliminate accidents, we can certainly reduce their consequences by wearing safety glasses and goggles.  Most household injuries result from chemical splashes or flying objects to the eyes.  Safety glasses would reduce the amount of chemical contacting the ocular surface or deflect the trajectory of, for example, a metal fragment so that it strikes the lid.  In sports, most injuries result from inadvertent contact with flying balls and other players.  Protective goggles purchases at optical shops, sporting goods stores, and hardware stores can virtually eliminate serious eye injuries.  I picked up my Rec Spec sports googles at the Precision Optics optical shop in Pepose Vision Institute to protect my eyesight.  So can you.

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