Your tax refund is a great time to take care of something very important – your vision.

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It’s that time of year – hopefully, you’ll be receiving a tax refund this year.  If so, what a great opportunity to greatly improve your vision once and for all. You truly can see better than you have in decades. We have the most experienced doctors and latest technology to help greatly improve your vision, no matter your need.


LASIK Vision Correction
We have the most experienced LASIK surgeons and absolute latest technology to safely and quickly give you great eyesight, eliminating the need for glasses or contacts. We offer a free consult where we’ll show you exactly how LASIK works, answer your questions (such as no, it doesn’t hurt – we promise!) and help you make the right decision.

If you are finding your vision is getting worse as you age, it’s very likely you have cataracts. Don’t worry – it happens to most everyone. At Pepose Vision, we are experienced with the latest treatments, such as the Tecnis Symfony lens, that not only removes the cloudiness from cataracts but also improves vision, near, far and in-between, reducing or eliminating the need for glasses.

Near and Distance Vision Solutions
We also offer a number of other advanced treatments to greatly improve your vision, both for reading and seeing at a distance, such as the KAMRA Near Vision Inlay and of course, glasses and contacts.

Consider this an investment in your vision. You’ll be thrilled with the results.

If you’d like to learn more and see what treatments are available to help improve your vision, please come see us.