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Shedding Light on Night Blindness

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It’s no surprise that most people don’t see well in the dark. However, some people have considerable difficulty seeing at night or in poor light. This is called night blindness (eye doctors call it nyctalopia). Night blindness doesn’t mean you are completely unable to see at night, but that your vision is poorer then. It is not a disease in itself, but instead …


Snap (formerly Snapchat) now selling camera-embedded sunglasses

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Snap Inc. — formerly known as Snapchat — is now selling camera-embedded sunglasses, hoping its wearable technology can succeed where Google Glass failed. The Spectacles sunglasses allow people to record 10-second video clips, with the point-of-view videos uploaded wirelessly to the Snapchat app on the person’s phone. It’s the first move into the physical world for Snap, which was renamed in …


Today is World Keratoconus Day

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November 10 is the first World Keratoconus Day. This is our chance to raise awareness and hope. Let’s join together to recognize World Keratoconus Day and to create awareness.   About Keratoconus Eye Disease Keratonconus (Pronounced Kerato-conus) Keratoconus, often abbreviated to “KC”, is a non-inflammatory eye condition in which the normally round dome-shaped cornea progressively thins causing a cone-like bulge …


No more reading glasses? It’s possible.

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Introducing the Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay. A quick and easy way to improve your near vision and reduce or even eliminate your need for reading glasses. What is the Raindrop Inlay? Raindrop is a small, transparent disc called an inlay. It’s made of about 80% water from similar material to a soft contact lens. Raindrop improves your near vision quickly …

End of 2015

Be sure to use your Flex Savings Account before you lose it!

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We have many patients that use their Flex Savings to finally get rid of their glasses/contacts with LASIK. There is still time this year to schedule your procedure. Please contact us to schedule your free consult where we’ll show you exactly what LASIK can do for you and what you can expect, and make sure you’re a candidate.  You can …


Does swimming with contacts lead to infection?

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Wearing contact lenses in any type of water is a high risk situation for a corneal infection. Bacteria, fungi, and parasites can contaminate the contacts and this can lead to a serious eye infection. Nothing is 100 percent, but not worth the risk as corneal infections can cause blindness in rare cases.


Check out the latest fitness tracker in a pair of glasses

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Google Glass failed to win consumers, partly because of the design that made the augmented eyewear stand out in a crowd. VSP Global’s innovation lab, The Shop, which built custom frames for Glass, wants to approach eyewear tech from a different angle. The Shop has partnered with the University of Southern California (USC) Center for Body Computing to develop the …

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Improper use of contact lenses can trigger serious eye damage, CDC says

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Unsafe use of contact lenses — such as sleeping with them in place or using the same pair for too long — is triggering serious eye injuries for many Americans, a new report finds. In fact, eye damage occurred in nearly 20 percent of contact lens-related eye infections reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration over 10 years, researchers …


If I wear eyeglasses because I have a slight astigmatism, will it worsen my nearsightedness/farsightedness?

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Wearing glasses NEVER makes the correction for near- or far-sightedness worse. It should make your entire vision better. The only exception is for those of us over 40, wearing just the correction for our nearsightedness without a bifocal, can make it more difficult to see at near when the glasses are on. Those over 40 usually consider a bifocal/no line …

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An Eye Test for Early Alzheimer’s Detection?

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A picture of the retina may one day help diagnose people with Alzheimer’s before they show any symptoms. A study published in Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science showed that the technique could identify Alzheimer’s in mice. The procedure will be tested in humans next. Researchers at the University of Minnesota Center for Drug Design were able to identify Alzheimer’s from detailed color …

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September is Healthy Aging Month

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Aging is a process that brings many changes. Vision loss and blindness, however, do not have to be one of them. There are several simple steps you can take to keep your eyes healthy for the rest of your life. Visiting us regularly for a comprehensive dilated eye exam is the most important thing you can do to reduce your risk …

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Been thinking about LASIK?

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If you’re tired of hassling with your glasses and/or contacts, perhaps it’s finally time to get LASIK. Come see us for a free consultation and learn everything you need to know about LASIK. We’ll also test your eyes to make sure LASIK is right for you. Pepose Vision was the very first to offer LASIK in St. Louis and we continue to provide …

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Can Reading a Smartphone With One Eye Lead to Temporary Blindness?

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A recent report of two women who temporarily lost sight in one eye after reading their smartphones while lying in bed shouldn’t cause alarm, experts say. But the incidents do point to the importance of using digital devices smartly to avoid eye strain. The women lost vision for up to 20 minutes in one eye after reading their phones in …

School kids

School is just around the corner – be sure to schedule eye exams

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We highly recommend scheduling a comprehensive eye exam for your children before the start of each and every school year. Estimates are one-in-four children has an undiagnosed vision problem. Untreated vision conditions often lead to seemingly mysterious conditions like frequent headaches. They are also linked to everything from behavioral problems to poor performance in class to an inability to complete homework. While …


How long can I wear my monthly contacts?

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This seems like a pretty obvious answer but we’ve had many patients wear their lenses too long and get infections. We recommend following the manufacturers guidelines and regularly replace and clean the contacts as instructed. Also adhere to the rule to immediately remove the contacts at the first hint of redness or discomfort. Over time the contact lenses will collect …

customer service

We’ve been working hard to improve our patient care

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Perhaps you’ve noticed we have updated out computer systems. We are now even more efficient in sending out reminders, scheduling appointments and once you are here, making your appointment go as quickly and smoothly as possible.  We will continue to work to improve your experience, and appreciate your patience with the occasional long wait as Pepose Vision also handles emergencies …