Researchers create molecular map of eye to help detect loss of vision

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Researchers from the University of Iowa (UI) can now start figuring out root causes behind eye diseases and vision loss, following their creation of the most-detailed molecular map of a section of the human eye. This section of the eye has long been associated with blindness. The map in high-resolution records over 4,000 unique proteins found in the choroid’s areas, …

Be sure to have your kid’s eyes checked for school

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As Children’s Eye Health & Safety/ Back to School Eye Health Month comes to a close, please be sure to have their eyes checked. Most children have healthy eyes. But there are conditions that can threaten good vision. Because you can’t always “look” into your child’s eyes to tell if they have eye health problems, set up some time today …

Eye tests ‘could spot’ early Alzheimer’s disease

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New research suggests eye checks could be used to identify those with early Alzheimer’s disease long before any symptoms. Simple regular eye tests could be used to identify Alzheimer’s disease at a very early stage, new research suggests. Early trials of two different techniques show that a key biomarker for the disease can be identified in the retina and lens …

What Doctors Can Tell About Your Health Just By Looking At Your Eyes

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If seeing well isn’t enough of a priority, here’s a better reason to get your vision checked regularly: A third of all known genetic syndromes can affect your eyes. In the video below, from National Geographic, Dr. Neal Adams lists the gamut of systemic disorders — diseases that affect the entire body — that ophthalmologists can detect during a simple eye …

Eye Protection From the Sun Especially Important for Kids

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Most parents are careful to spread sunscreen on their children. One risk from the sun that often gets overlooked: damage to young eyes. Vision-care experts are stepping up efforts to raise awareness of the danger of overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which is cumulative and irreversible. Children and adolescents are especially vulnerable to the sun’s rays because their ocular …

With school just around the corner, this is the perfect time for your children to have their eyes checked.

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August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month – a nationwide effort to educate parents on the importance of healthy vision for their children. Much of a child’s learning is visually based, yet kids often don’t have the perspective to even know they have vision problems, much less tell their parents. In fact, did you know that many kids who …

Remember 20/20/20 to Prevent Computer Eye Strain

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If you work on your computer or mobile device a lot, you know what eye strain feels like.  The 20/20/20 rule is a great way to help alleviate the symptoms of eye strain.  It’s simple:  Every 20 minutes look 20 feet away from your screen for 20 seconds. In addition, be sure to take a break every couple hours for at …

Today is World Sjögren’s Day

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Today is World Sjögren’s Day which commemorates the birthday of Dr. Henrik Sjögren, a Swedish ophthalmologist who first identified this disease in 1933. Sjögren’s syndrome is a serious, progressive autoimmune disease affecting approximately 4 million people in the US, 75% of whom are still undiagnosed! Dry eye is a common early symptom and as many as 1 in 10 dry …

Infrared Sensor Could Lead to Night Vision Contact Lenses

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If you’re scared of the dark, you may no longer have reason to fear. Researchers out of the University of Michigan have developed an infrared sensor that could eventually be used in the production of night vision contact lenses. Here’s an interesting article from Mashable – fun to read what might be in the future.  

Join us at our free, informative seminar!

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On Wednesday, July 23rd, from 6-8pm we are having a FREE seminar at our Chesterfield location (1815 Clarkson Road) where we’ll discuss the treatment of cataracts and dry eyes and LASIK Vision Correction. This is a great chance to meet our doctors, learn about all the latest advances and ask any question you might have. We’ll be breaking into groups …

Dr. Pepose Wins Award

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Dr. Pepose received an award for “Best Scientific Poster” at the annual Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting. He conducted a study on how several highly advanced lens implants affect our ability to compare and contrast images in differing lighting conditions. This study is laying the groundwork for the launch of several exciting implants over the next few years and you …

Google Working on Smart Contact Lenses with Teensy Embedded cameras?

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By now you’ve heard of Google Glasses.  It looks like Google is now looking into contact lens that includes a small camera. Pretty much speculation, but interesting stuff.  Here’s an article in  – Google Eyes A Creepier Glass—A Camera-Bearing Contact Lens – that talks about what might be.

Retinal Detachment Emergency Treatment

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Recently on a Tuesday morning, Dr. Holekamp received a phone call at the Pepose Vision Institute from an optometrist in southern Illinois. His pastor came to the office complaining of a 3-day history of floaters, flashes, and loss of peripheral vision. The optometrist diagnosed a macula-on retinal detachment. The term “macula-on” means that the center of the retina, the macula, …

Dr. Pepose Recognized by Bausch and Lomb as Top 10 Cataract Surgeon

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Dr. Pepose was just recognized by Bausch and Lomb as one of the top 10 cataract surgeons. Here’s a note sent he received: “On behalf of the Sales and Marketing leadership team at Bausch and Lomb, we would like to thank you for being one of our top 10 implanting surgeons for Crystalens and Trulign Toric this year. We sincerely …

It’s Time to Take Care of Those Annoying Dry Eyes!

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July is Dry Eye Disease Awareness month. Dry eyes affect millions of people. Many continue to suffer yet could be easily treated. Does that include you? Make July the month you treat your dry eyes once and for all! If you have any of the following symptoms, you might have dry eyes: • Eye discomfort, such as stinging, burning or a …

10 Tricks to Defeat Eye Strain at Work

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More than 70% of American knowledge workers suffer from eye strain — that fatigued eyeball feeling you get from staring at a screen all day. The symptoms are familiar. Your eyelids get tired and dry, a headache starts rumbling inside your skull, and your ability to focus on your work starts to evaporate. These effects, research shows, lead to a …

Enjoy Summertime Sports

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Fastballs, flying debris from gardening projects, pool and lake contaminants, a scorching sun- no matter where this summer takes you, remember to protect your most valuable assets…. Your eyes!
 Your eyecare professionals at Pepose Vision Institute would like to remind you of some simple ways to care for your eyes this summer. 1.    Wear sun protection.  The sun emits different wavelengths …

Medical Mission to La Gonave, Haiti

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Lifelong Vision Foundation provided financial support for Dr. Nancy Holekamp, Director of Retinal Services at Pepose Vision Institute, on a Medical Mission to La Gonave, Haiti. Dr. Holekamp administered vision tests, refracted eyes, and distributed @ 1,000 pairs of much needed glasses, generously donated by St. Louisans. We cannot fathom the level of poverty and lack of basic resources there. Even …