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It’s Time to Take Care of Those Annoying Dry Eyes!

Posted by: Pepose Vision Institute in Dry Eyes, Eye Care, Pepose Info on July 1, 2014

July is Dry Eye Disease Awareness month.

Dry eyes affect millions of people. Many continue to suffer yet could be easily treated. Does that include you?

Make July the month you treat your dry eyes once and for all!

If you have any of the following symptoms, you might have dry eyes:

• Eye discomfort, such as stinging, burning or a scratchy sensation
• Eye redness and/or eyelid redness
• Blurry vision or fluctuating vision
• Tearing
• Eye fatigue after reading for a period of time
• Light sensitivity, including glare or starbursts around lights
• Irritation from smoke or wind blowing into the eyes
• Waking up with stringy material in the corner of the eyes
• Uncomfortable contact lenses, especially towards end of day

The good news is we can help.

Pepose Vision is a TearLab Accredited Dry Eye Center, meaning you will be cared for by certified specialists in tear testing. We have the most advanced technology to diagnose and manage this irritating condition.

This includes LipiFlow®, one of the best treatments available for dry eyes.

What is LipiFlow®?
The majority of dry eye conditions are due to the tears evaporating too quickly. The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation treatment applies directed energy to the affected glands and will benefit most dry eye sufferers.

LipiFlow® is FDA-approved, clinically proven and minimally invasive procedure that we perform in our office. Pepose Vision is among a select group of vision centers to offer this procedure.

Please join others across America as we celebrate National Dry Eye Disease Awareness Month by treating this annoying, potentially dangerous condition once and for all.

Call us at 636-728-0111 for an appointment.

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