Night Driving Glasses May Hurt, Not Help

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If you search the internet for help with night driving, you’ll probably get numerous links to specialized night vision glasses, ranging in price from around $10 to near $100. Most have a tinted yellowish hue, and are marketed to reduce glare from headlights, streetlights and neon signs. But do night driving glasses work? Ophthalmologist Andrew Iwach, MD, isn’t so certain. …

New Laser Treatment Can Help Get Rid of Eye Floaters

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Millions of Americans who live with annoying spots in their field of vision may soon have a remedy: a laser treatment called YAG vitreolysis. A new study followed 680 patients who underwent this procedure to reduce the symptoms of eye floaters. Ninety-three percent reported significant improvement in their vision. Inder Paul Singh, MD, an ophthalmologist with the Eye Centers of …

Great vision is the perfect gift

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This holiday season, consider the gift of vision. We have advanced treatments to help see great at a distance (LASIK) and up close (Raindrop Inlay and Kamra Inlay). We offer gift cards in any amount you’d like. Great vision is the best gift you could possibly give.

Don’t forget Father’s Day!

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Don’t forget … Father’s Day is this Sunday We have a special offer  –$50 off any complete pair of prescription eye glasses (including frames and lens) and all sunglasses. This offer is available the entire week before Father’s Day – June 13th – 17th. Including these great brands and more.   This is a great chance to let Dad know how much you really care with a gift …

Happy 4th of July. Please be careful.

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Happy 4th of July, from your friends at Pepose Vision. And while you’re celebrating, please be careful.  There are way too many eye injuries each 4th of July, injuries that can be easily avoided. If an eye injury from fireworks does occur, remember: Contact us immediately. Do not rub your eyes. Do not rinse your eyes. Do not apply pressure. …

Dr. Rieger represents PVI at Color Run

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Dr. Rieger and family represented Pepose Vision at the annual Color Run, helping to support efforts to fight autism. Here’s a link to photos in the news and to The Color Run website. Nice job, Dr. Rieger.

Happy New Year!

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We wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead!